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Xbox Gamers Network (XGN) is designed to provide you with enjoyable Top Level gameplay in an interactive, organized fashion along with our hot gaming gear store - XGN GEAR.com...all in one place! 

XGN Army's website here organizes members' perks, store access, and popular XGN YouTube video series all in one place. 

Amp up your gaming entertainment experience even MORE, by joining the XGN Army today!

Welcome to XGN Army!

XGNArmy.com is an expansion of the XGN YouTube channel for our members to help organize content and membership perks.

To Access your member perks (many are in the YT Community area), simply click the 'Community' link in the Navigation panel above.

XGN Army is our YT channel membership to provide you with special perks and a great way for viewers/fans to support our YT content!

To join the XGN Army (on our YouTube channel), click the 'XGN Army' banner below and choose your level (Recruit, Soldier, etc.), and get started! 

Once joined, access your new member perks in the members' area (YT Community).

To shop gaming stuff at the XGN Gear store, click the XGN Gear banner below.

IMPORTANT!  One key perk with the XGN Army membership is that you will get an exclusive coupon code for our store, XGN Gear. Access your discount code in the YT Community before you shop - then enter your code in the store checkout to take advantage of your special member deals! 

As a member, you can save $$$ every month, potentially having your membership pay for itself!

Join our XGN Army (YT Membership) to unlock your exclusive store coupon code for the XGN Gear shop, plus additional perks every month!  

(1)  Join XGN Army

(2)  Access your store coupon code in the YT Community members' area

(3)  Take advantage of your special deals at XGN Gear!

Access members' exclusive content in the YT Community area by clicking here 

Have any questions regarding membership, store orders, etc.? We can help you via our Contact Us page by clicking here..

Thank you for your support and Welcome to XGN Army!