XGN Army YouTube Memberships

Joining our YouTube XGN Army Membership unlocks your exclusive store coupon code for the XGN Gear shop, with additional perks each month!

To join the XGN Army (on our YouTube channel), click the XGN Army Join banner above.

Next, choose your level (Recruit, Soldier, etc.) and get started! Membership levels SOLDIER and above receive the XGN Gear monthly store discount codes, as explained on the YouTube Membership page.

1. Join XGN Army.

2.  Access your store coupon code in the YouTube Community Members' area.

3.  Now use your member coupon code for special deals at XGN Gear by clicking here!

Once joined, access your new member perks in the members' area (YouTube Community).

All PERKS with details are shown on the YT Member join page here: https://www.youtube.com/@XGN/join 

If you have any questions, please use our Contact Us page.